Anavar 10 mg


Premium Quality Anavar Anabolic Steroid Pills by Phoenix brand in Canada.

Active Substance: Oxandrolone

Package: 10 mg x 100 pills

Delivery: We ship discreetly to any location in Canada, USA, and worldwide. Shipping cost – CA$36.

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Anavar is a perfect product for people who want to get the best out of their training. With just 4 tablets, you will notice that your fat gradually begins to disappear from problem zones and that muscle mass is gained more effectively.

Anavar is the perfect drug for anyone looking to lose fat, gain muscle mass, and build a perfect body. Back in 1969 everyone wanted Anadrol because it was a powerful anabolic steroid producing notable size and strength gains. Nowadays athletes want Oxandrolone – its sister drug that promotes fat loss.

Want a sleeker, more toned body? Compete in the physique category with Anavar for sale. Our Oxandrolone tablets can help you burn fat while bulking muscle and building a sizeable top half. Order today!

Clinical athletes and fitness models across the globe use Anavar because it offers exactly what they want – to build muscle mass, burn fat, and tighten up their physique. Available in convenient pill form, Anavar can meet your goals and your schedule with its quick and discreet delivery system. Other benefits of this drug include the promotion of red blood cells production as well as slowing down the catabolic process. Make sure you speak to a pharmacist today about how non-prescription dong products like this one could help you achieve your fitness goals faster than ever before!


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